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WOW Academy Webmaster Core Courses
The WOW Academy courses map directly to multiple nationally
recognized webmaster certification exams. The certification tracks
are located to the right of each course.
Mastering the Internet   (WAW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
Beginning XHTML   (WAW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
Advanced XHTML   (WAW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
Cascading Style Sheets   (WAW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
Web Design & Graphics   (WCW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
E-Business   (WCW) (CWP) (CAW) (CIW)
E-Marketing   (WCW) (CWP) (CAW)
Java Survival Skills   (WCW) (CWP) (CAW)

WOW Academy Webmaster Tools Courses
The Tools Courses are those courses that allow a
webmaster to do their job more effectively and efficiently.

Cold Fusion 101 (Learn to connect databases to the Internet)
HomeSite 5.0 (Professional Web development editor)
Web Graphics with PSP9 (Learn to create Web graphics)

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